It has been nothing short of a damned long time since I last posted on this forum. Many reasons, but one being that I jusst wasn't getting any more mods. I had my triangle pierced in January 2015 and until June of this year when I got my septum pierced that was, as they say, that.

I'm not back to write up yet another septum piercing account, especially given that I had mine done weeks ago, so it wouldn't be the most accurate thing in the world. No, instead I want to tell you about yesterday's body mod; one I've wanted for years but only recently found the time, money and motivation to actually do.

I'm now the proud owner of a magnetic implant.

This experience diary is both for my own records as well as for anyone who might be interested in having the procedure done.

I chose to go back to Valhalla, where I'd previously had my triangle piercing, despite the three plus hour drive down to Kent from Lincolnshire. There probably where places more local to me that offered the service, but I'd spoken with Darren about it before and, I dunno, you just get a feeling for some studios, don't you? At any rate, I'm extremely satisfied and would definitely recommend anyone interested in having an implant to go to Valhalla.

Unlike a regular piercing, you do need to book to have an implant in advance so the magnets can be ordered in; I booked this at the start of August.

My appointment was booked for 3:30; we got there and, while I was filling out the paperwork, my friend (who was just watching) got so nervous that she needed a cigarette to calm her nerves, haha. It took about ten minutes for Darren to prep everything for the procedure before I was called in. We decided to go for the regular placement for me; ring finger of my non-dominant (left) hand.

First thing you gotta do is dunk that sucker in an ice bath for ten minutes because the last thing you want to do is feel someone shoving a magnet into the tip of your finger. Once suitably cold and numb, my finger was dried off (and I remembered to remove my ring, as I knew there would be no way I'd get it off post procedure), my finger was marked up. A dot where the magnet was going to end up and another mark for point of insertion.

I wish I could tell you a bit more about the actual insertion but two things prevented that. One, I really couldn't see much of what was going on, as Darren's hands were blocking my view. Two, about half way through I suddenly realised my vision was going and I had some crazy nausea going on. Fortunately my friend was able to feed me water and metaphorically get me back on my feet so I didn't quite get around to fainting. It was a bit embarassing really, I've never had that sort of response to a body mod before and I honetly couldn't feel a thing! (Darren was also constantly checking on me during this to make sure I was well enough to continue). Unfortunately this meant I was concentrating more on staying conscious than what was going on with my finger.

The whole thing was over pretty swiftly. Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Free Bird' was playing in the background and we were finished before the song was, which should give you an indication of the time it took. I was given a couple of stitches and given a small piece of metal to test my new abilities before I was bandaged up. Again, everyone checked that I was okay but by the point the fainting spell had completely passed. Weirdly, my middle finger then started to hurt because, I don't know, it felt left out or something?

Before I headed off to pay, I also had a sneaky daith piercing while I was at it. Also, apparently I'm the first person Darren has heard call it a 'doth' rather than a 'dayth'. Anyway, of the two mods, I 100% regret (no, not really) the daith over the implant. It made the wisdom teeth on that side of my jaw hurt like a bitch, which was a bit unexpected. The daith didn't hurt to have done, but Christ on a bike, was it sore for the next half an hour or so. Not for the fait hearted, kids!

After that all that was left to do was pay; the impant was £100 in total, but I'd already paid a deposit of £50 when I booked the appointment. The daith was £20 (should have been £30, but, yay, discount). I think I was there for less than an hour from filling in the forms to paying, which was pretty good.

My friend and I decided that I needed to get some food in me (more due to the fainting spell than anything), so we headed down to the nearest pub, where I downed a pint of coke and then proceeded to stuff my face with a beef burger because I'm the world's shittest vegan. That said, I felt significantly better for it afterwards and the pain in my ear had subsided to little more than a dull ache and my finger was tender but not sore. I really wanted to try sticking things to it, but it was bandaged up pretty heavily and the magnet isn't that strong.

I had intended to keep the bandage on until at least that evening, if not until this morning, but even though I tried to keep the finger dry, when I was washing my hands to whole thing got ridiculously soggy. I decided it was probably better to remove it than continue to wear something so disgustingly wet and potentially harbour bacteria so at about 6:30pm, it all came off. Queue some morbid fascination and staring before my friend forced me to stick a new, clean (and dry) plaster over the whole thing. This plaster then came off at about 10pm when I finally got home because my partner desperately wanted to see it (even though it literally just looks like a swollen finger with a coupla stitches). I may also have taken the opportunity to stick a bottle cap to my finger because apparently I live in the Fallout universe.

Today it's looking slightly less swollen, the skin not quite as taut, but it looks more bruised to me. It's not even super bruised, but my finger tip kinda has a grey tinge to it. I can feel it more today, but it's still not that sore. It feels bruised, but that's about it; I'd say a papercut is worse. The base of my nail plate/cuticle is also sore for some unknown reason. I did accidentally grab a bit of toast (of all things) using my ring finger to grip earlier and Jesus, that was a sharp sting, but so far that's the only time I've caught it.

In terms of aftercare, I have to keep it clean and not do anything stupid with it; you know, 'be sensible'. It's the same aftercare for pretty much every body mod ever. Stitches should come out in ten or so days and if they haven't, I then get to pull them out myself, yaaaay. I'm also looking forward to this being healed enough that I can paint my nails again; not that the painting is a problem, but like hell do I want to soak my finger in acetone to remove anything right now.

No pictures just yet, but I'll try to get some uploaded either later today or hopefully over the weekend, as well as generally keeping you informed of how it all goes.

Now, if you'll forgive me, I'm off to enjoy a delicious cup of Earl Grey and not do any more stilted typing due to one finger being out of action.