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    Hi there.
    Have had various piercings the the past and some still remain!
    Got the piercing bug again, maybe a mid life crisis! Already have a tragus piercing and thinking of having anti tragus done. What's the best jewellery please ?

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    Hi and welcome.

    Jewellery is anatomy dependent, but a curved titanium barbel is probably your best bet.
    Your piercer will keep you right.
    Got: double snakebites|central lip|labret|1.6mm and 5mm tongue|philtrum|angel bites|smiley|septum|3 pairs nostrils|3 pairs eyebrows|bridge|15 & 16 (l&r) lobe/cartilage, rook, 2x tragus, 3x forward helix, conch (both ears symmetrical)|3x navel (74 holes in total)Want: Everything, slowly building up my piercings over time.Next up: venoms; maybe something genital

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