Hi all!

I had my right tragus pierced in May and my left conch on August the 3rd. The tragus seems to be healing fine (no bumps, infections etc) and while the conch is still fresh it hasn't showed any signs of trouble such as swelling.

My question is this: would it be wise to go for a triple outer conch (on the left ear) during Christmas break or should I wait?
I'm thinking of doing like 2 of the 3 piercings in one session and the third one a little later because I know that generally I'm kind of a slow healer.

The thing is that Christmas and Summer breaks are the only time I can get those piercings because I want them done by my regular piercer in my home country, to which I only return at those times, as I'm studying abroad.
Also, I'd rather not wait until the summer break because I will be rather busy with work and internships, and taking care of 3 new piercings at the same time seems a bit much.

What do you think?