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Thread: Almost 4 weeks with new tragus and helix shineys

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    Default Almost 4 weeks with new tragus and helix shineys

    Dear posters,

    I thought it would be interesting to document the process of initially getting my new tragus and helix pierced, Both in my right ear.

    These are my first piercings in exactly a decade. I first had my eyebrow pierced when I was 14 (retired) and my Laberet the following year (not going anywhere!)

    I had always wanted my tragus done since I was 14. Scouring the pages of good old BME for new ideas and finally seeing a soap actress with a gorgeous gem set me off. As for my helix I just think I always assumed if I had the guts to get my tragus done, so would be the same with that.

    So that signalled the decade wait... the truth was I was just afraid of cartilage piercing. It made me squeamish... plus BME said I may hear it *POP*. My soul left my body and I got lost in early adulthood, I.E rave years and was probably oft too broke or forgetful to get round to it. By 24 I couldn't get a break from work to give me the motivation to mess with it! Now I am 26 and making a point to get round to do the things in life that I want to do, to be the way I want to be.

    Anyhoo! The piercing day! More or less spontanius. I was having lunch with my Mother and decided there and then I was going to do it. Because I was afraid, and that needed to be challenged. I called a local esteemed tattoo shop, however they did not pierce. There is another local place that advertises itself as housing the local god of piercing, unfortunately I have met this deity while paying him too much to replace my Laberet after it fell out while I was undergoing a misendevour of having particularly long coffin shaped nails. On a Saturday lunchtime this seemed to be a task too far and he jerked about me now sore lip while scoffing and sweating. He did explain he was busy, but it wasnt enough to entrust him with lancing my ear.

    Now options. For years I have been a customer at an accessories shop that sells the sort of things that they might in Camden town. The owner there is fabulous and I have taked shop with the piercer there many a time and thought she sounded very sensible and knowledgeable, my friend had a successful scaffold by her also. The problem is I had heard a lot of bad stick on Facebook a few years back. People where saying the piercing room is dirty and they got infections mere hours after being pierced. The main customers are teenagers in groups. Many people also shout blind that the place is great and infections so soon are garbage. Teenage groups fiddiling with the piercings perhaps? Besides this lady is a different piercer to the man before.

    I've had piercings at good places before so I would use my intuition. The room was spotless, certificates up, autoclave ECT all well and good. Plus Wendy is so friendly and knowledgeable, I felt no doubt that I was in good hands. First was my tragus. Gosh was I frighted. First Wendy marked out the placements of my piercings... I was ecstatic! She marked them perfectly in line with each other, and in such a way that they offset my eyes and features, enhancing them. What a dream.
    I was so nervy and Wendy was so smooth that I can't tell you much about clamps and needles, but as for the sensation... not much pain. You feel the skin layer first, That's sharp, the cartilage itself was painless, it just felt strange, I could feel the needle passing through which felt like a long time, but in reality it was only a second or so. It bleed like a bitch so we paused to wait for the blood to clot. I was expecting the jewellery insert to hurt, but it didnt. Also, result, NO SOUNDS! I'm one of the lucky ones! The Helix was uneventful aside from that it pinched a bit more, I screwed up my face and did a brief hiss with that one. I thanked her several times while buzzing with the good old piercing adrenaline worked it's magic for the first time in 10 years. In fact I felt like a new woman, I felt like I had crossed the threshold from a woman who has become a bit wary of life lately, to the teenage vagabond who had far less fear. I'd concerned, and was more shiny! Needless to say I'm dreaming of nipples and even Christinas now!

    My face ached and throbbed immediately after so I popped some ibuprofen and said no more about it. I knew what to do for after care, SS and otherwise LITHA. Aside drom the initial tiny bit of blood and swelling the first couple of days, everything was fine and good. Not too sore and swelling was diminishing.

    Until on week 2, dammit, My hair appointment! I called to say I think I should reschedule, but my hairdressers a pro and said it would be no problem to cover it over, no chemicals would go on it ECT. I trusted him and the team and reasoned that I would just go straight home and give it a good old soak. WRONG. Now if everything would of gone to plan that day, I believed I would be leaving with it barely touched, and I was... until it turned out my hair had been turned grey/yellow... I was passed from member of staff to the other, who didn't realise my care notes and my piercing got a little roughed up. I got home and the piercings seemed fine. My hair looked salt and pepper!

    The inflammation was fine, however I was yet to find out that I had contracted an Infection, obvious about 5 days after that. Ss soaks haven't made a difference, so I went to my doctor and was prescribed fucidin cream, which on day 2 doesn't seem to be making a difference. But that's another post for the after care forum!

    Be careful guys and blow out everything to baby your new metal!!
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    Pictures please!
    Got: double snakebites|central lip|labret|1.6mm and 5mm tongue|philtrum|angel bites|smiley|septum|3 pairs nostrils|3 pairs eyebrows|bridge|15 & 16 (l&r) lobe/cartilage, rook, 2x tragus, 3x forward helix, conch (both ears symmetrical)|3x navel (74 holes in total)Want: Everything, slowly building up my piercings over time.Next up: venoms; maybe something genital

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    Apologies but I don't have the permissions to attach files to my posts yet. I will try via URL and hopefully won't be breaking any rules


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    Looks great. I'm dying to get my tragus done again, since it grew out. :( I love them though.

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