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So I am planning on getting a piercing for my 19th birthday with some extra money from house sitting. The only issue is I am torn on what to get. Nostril piercings are mainstream and accepted, but a simple septum hoop is so pretty. The issue comes in with my career path, I am going into youth work and possibly youth ministry. My service practicum is at a church, and while I would hope they would be accepting I am worried about having anything too obvious on my face as many elders are still conservative. I could forget about the hoop and just flip up the horseshoe, but I have always prefered hoops.

What is the smallest guage a septum could be pierced at and can they heal with a hoop? Also how well are septums recieved in more conservative atmospheres?
Next what is a good size for a nostril to be visible but not obvious?
I am not worried about them in general as Vancouver is a very liberal city, I just want to make sure whatever I get can be hidden or at the very least made less noticable in more conservative enviornments.
I always wonder what a hoop looks like in your nostril- the jewelry always looks so big...