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Thread: Nipple piercing - Swollen or uneven?

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    Question Nipple piercing - Swollen or uneven?

    Hello everyone! I got my nipples pierced two days ago. I went to a reputable, APP certified shop that I have been to multiple times before with no issues. The entire process was very relaxed and professional. I noticed yesterday that from my view (top-down) one of my nipples appears to have been pierced crooked. I can only tell when it's erect unless I look SUPER closely. That particular nipple was pierced second, and the side that seems too high up is bleeding the most/hurts the most. I know my septum seemed crooked when it was healing and then ended up fine, but I didn't worry as much because I couldn't really see it as well as my nipple. On this nipple, the bar is a little longer than my other one (my piercer said this was normal and intentional), so I'm wondering if that affects it? From where I'm standing, it seems REALLY obvious that the hole is in two different places. I guess my question is if anyone else has a similar experience, and if it IS swelling, how long should I wait until I know for sure or go back to my piercer? She instructed me to come back in around a month for a checkup. Any advice would be appreciated!

    edit: pictures for reference here - imgur a VDWEXIo
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