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Thread: hello! and in need of triangular-shapes advice....

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    Default hello! and in need of triangular-shapes advice....

    im new to this site so HI!
    Im into piercing (duh or Id not be here i guess...) but dont know many other people who are, always just been somethig I did myself. So far I have 5 ear lobe, 1 cartilidge 1 navel piercing (and a tattoo!).
    I really want a triangle piecing. Ive read up on it and I think im suitable, but I just moved to London and I dotnt know any piercers here...and its kinda a big place! my questions are:
    1: how safe is itr? Ive heard lotsa stories about how great it is, but is it likely to go wrong?
    2: can anyone recommend a studio experienced in this kind of piercing? Dont want to be guinea pig...
    nice to be here, hope someone has some advice for me!
    xx :twisted:

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    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Ok this is a really big piercing, its very intense and difficult to do. Its also very expensive we charge £80 for them due to the difficulty and skill needed to get it spot on. The triangle is a very deep clitoral piercing right under the central nerve and when it is done correctly itís a really nice feeling piercing,, when its done wrong it can cause a great deal of pain and you can loose a fair bit of sensation from how it was before the piercing. I am not trying to put you off the piercing but just really do your homework before hand on finding a studio. The only two places in London that I know that do this piercing (although I am sure there are more) are metalmorphisis and cold steel, im pretty sure they both do itÖ I have written a guide to finding a studio that may help you in your search its here if that helps you at all.

    The safety like I have mentioned itís a complex piercing that has to be correct so finding a piercer you trust is imperative. If I can help you more please just ask, either PM me or mail me.

    Piercings: 16MM Lobe, 5MM PA.

    Retired Piercings: Lots, removed over 25 piercings in a momment of madness!


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