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    So for my birthday I bought myself a new piercing. I've always wanted a industrial piercing but I don't have the correct ear shape/anatomy for one. But like the good old internet I came across the vertical industrial. So with all of my current piercings healed other then a few small issues with my right nostril, which I had the changed the jewelry to see if that would help, I finally got another long time wish list piercing!!! Plus while I was there I finished changing out all of my jewelry but still can't decide if I want my septum and philtrum to match.

    I wasn't sure if it could be done because my ears are on the smaller side but the piercer was very confident that he could place one that wouldn't interfere with my conch piercing or one that wouldn't potentially rub against my glasses. Like every piercing pain is different for everyone. I would give it on a scale to one to ten maybe a three. I didn't even feel "extra" pain when he placed the jewelry. He said it due to getting the angles correct he would be piercing in a little "slower" but I couldn't tell. Again my pain was minimal. But who knows what the future will hold. It doesn't rub on my glasses which is good. But my ear is SOOOOO tender. My inner ear aches rather then my actual ear. I went with just a simple silver bar because I know in the future when its healed that I can change it out.

    Hopeing for a uneventful healing.

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    Left ear: 4 Lobe piercings, 2 Cartilage, Conch, Double Forward Helix, Antitragus and Vertical Industrial
    Right ear: 3 Lobe piercings, Auricle, Helix, Conch x2, Snug and Forward helix
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    Want: Everything
    Retired: Naval x2, Right Nostril, Anti-Tragus, double high nostrils and multiple lobe/Auricle piercings
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