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    I am not an expert but, I really think that the problems you are having are due to sleeping on it. You know the travel pillows? I was going to suggest to use one but, not in the way they are meant to be though. Are you able to use the travel pillow upside down like you are sleeping in the lower part of the "U" What I am trying to say is that is will lift your head up so, your ear is no way touching your pillow.

    Would it be at all possible to get a piercer to take the long bar out and replace with two smaller bars whilst healing? Or would it not work? I really don't know.

    Also like Hazel suggested in another post - a lot of healing at once. If I were you give your piercing's a break for them to heal before having another as I think I have had too many this year and now I am paying for it at the moment.
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