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Thread: PA piercing - possible blowout or scarring? grateful for opinions! (includes pics)

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    Lightbulb PA piercing - possible blowout or scarring? grateful for opinions! (includes pics)

    Afternoon all

    I'm posting a new thread to seek some advice for a complication with my PA piercing that I had done six weeks ago. I think I have some kind of scarring forming - possibly a blowout or granuloma/hypertrophic scarring?

    I'm not able to see a piercer at the moment. I was pierced at 10g, but was immediately stretched to an 8g (stainless steel CBR). I understood this was quite a normal thing to do to control the bleeding. The piercing was relatively easy for the first week or so. Stung a big here and there but nothing major.

    A few weeks in, I noticed that in the top corner of the hole had a bigger bit of skin, that formed a hard lump. It is the corner of the piercing that is closest to the urethra. It was hard to touch but not painful. It was not a blister, and didn't bleed or do anything really when touched. I figured it was just scar tissue and would go down. I also hadn't stretched it up to a 6g, so didn't think it was a blowout. But I generally wear pretty tight fitting underwear, and business pants, so I always kind of had the piercing ring kind of bent to the side in my briefs, and wondered if this was putting pressure on one side of the piercing hole.

    Anyway, here I am at six weeks, and I am starting to think that I have some scarring or a granuloma forming. I also realise that perhaps going from 10g needle piercing immediately to an 8g would constitute a 'stretch', so perhaps I just had a blowout forming from day 1.

    I wish I acted sooner. Last night I downgraded to 10g curved barbell (stainless steel), and I'm hoping that helps. I wish I did a curved barbell from the start, as I'm sure it would have put way less friction/movement on the piercing hole.

    I've taken a few zoomed in pics (sorry in advance, no need to view if offends!). I've been using that 'salt paste' method I saw on youtube, but I think it might be hurting the scarring, as it kind of makes the lump go very blood red/mottled looking when normally it seems to be a skin colour. I also sometimes rub emu oil on it. But I do a salt bath twice a day (morning night). So I think the lump looks worse in these pictures than it normally looks because of the salt paste.


    I'd love your advice...
    Wwhat would the best course of action be or healing regime? ... SSS, compression, emu or Vitamin E oil, etc?
    Should I retire the piercing and start back when it's healed back?
    Do you think it's likely that it will resolve itself if I treat it well and in time? Or is 6 weeks in a bit beyond repair as it's already started to heal and lay down scar tissue in the wrong places...

    Thanks in advance everyone!!
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    Wish I could offer you some positive advice that all will be well but I'm not sure it will ? I think you may have answered your own doubts by saying should you retire it ? I think that would be my course of action !

    Whichever way you decide to go good luck to you !

    I have a RPA & didn't have any such issues with it !
    Current : Left ear lobe 18g gold ring 10mm ID,
    Both nipples 10g 12mm ID BCR ,
    Reverse Prince Albert 2g 25mm curved SS Barbell with 11mm balls.
    Septum at 10g Horseshoe !

    Retired : Pubic piercing 10g 12mm ID, due to starting Ball Stretching Adventure !

    Tattoo's, Upper & lower arms. Upper legs & both shoulders, long forgotten how many hours !

    Ball Stretching Weights, 38 x 30 521g & 40 x 15 234g making a total of 755g at present. More to be added !

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    I was pierced at 10g with a titanium CBR and only stretched to 8g after 4 months. If it was me I’d definitely want to go and see my piercer. Really hope that things work out ok for you.

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    Thanks the feedback everyone. I've been keeping it clean and doing salt soaks regularly. It's looking a bit better. It has I believe gone down a tiny bit since a few weeks ago. I don't know how much that is progress given it's been so many weeks. But I guess these bumps can take months?

    I noticed the lump emits a sticky yellow discharge that is not push. A few sites I read days that granulation tissue does that so perhaps that's the source of my problem. I'm on the verge of just throwing the towel in with this one. Will give it another four weeks and see how it goes. Such a shame if I do retire it as I like this piercing a lot and the rest of the piercing hole has healed great except for the bump on one side!!

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    Before ditching it, definitely have a piercer or even doctor check it out...they're well-versed on the subject and can give you the best guidance. Good luck!

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