I was wondering if someone could talk about their experience with the horizontal eyebrow. Should I or shouldn't I?

(1) I really want one and know they often migrate/reject but how much skin is necessary in the brow area to minimize the chances of this happening? or is it more about the brow ridge?
(2) I would get a surface bar and I am wondering--how was this on the pain scale? It looks so intense to put in because of its shape.
(3) Would you recommend a regular vertical eyebrow piercing instead, or do these have roughly the same reject rate?
(4) If yours migrated, how long did it take?

Thanks. I want an eyebrow area piercing (in addition to my nostril) because I work in a semi-professional environment and anything beyond that seems ill-advised. I love the way the horizontal ones look but I don't want to lose it :(