Ok, so had PA done 2.5 weeks ago.
Gauge 10 titanium CBR.

It it is definitely better than it was during the initial week after.
But since then has been very mildly swollen/red near to the piercing site.
And is still a bit sore. But it just has not improved at all in the last 10 or so days.

It hasnít worsened - and there is no nasty discharge, it isnít hot or particularly painful either so I am pretty happy itís not infected...

i am am doing warm SSS twice a day for around 2 -3 mins a time. And am definitely usibg the correct recipe of boiled water/1/4 teaspoon of pure SS crystals.

But, is it normal to still be sore and a bit swollen after 20 days....?

I just just want some reassurance really!!