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Thread: My paw piercing experience.

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    Morning, I have decided to stat this now as I know what my memory is like.

    Well, last Saturday I was looking to downsize my Conch and found some lovely "paw" Labret photographs online. The down side was that they were not easy to find and very expensive and not always titanium. Then I came across the piercing photo! I have never seen one before. I sent an e-mail to my piercer and they said that they have never had anyone brave enough to ask for it! As you all know that I am very nervous with piercings.

    (I will do this in stages as sometimes it doesn't always post).

    After some thought as this piercing is best done in one sitting. I didn't honestly know if I could sit through it all. My piercer said to not worry about anything as I might not even fit. I said that you know what I am like for worrying easier said than done! Fast forward to Saturday morning - I got the usual nerves but trying not to think of it. I had some of my other piercings downsized that seemed to help keep me calm as they felt much better.

    I don't know what I was expecting but, on my word - so much goes in to that piercing! It was more that just marking the ear. My piercer had to make some wire templates to get the spacing right. It is not a quick piercing.

    Then came the actual piercing lol.... This is how it went. Piercing number 1 - Ouch!, 2 - Fffsssss!, 3 - Ffffsssss!. 4- Nippy Barrrr! and finally number 5 - I actually shouted out mother ducker! Which, although it hurt we all ended up giggling through it. As I was trying not to swear. No of them bled. But, piercing number 5 really hurt. Actually number 5 was as bad as my Tragus which, hurt just the same.

    My piercer said half way through to me that if it was too much they could do the rest another time. I just said to carry on etc.... I wasn't going to go back for more of them.

    So, that was it - I was advised with this piercing to use frozen peas in their bag. (I've got to be different as I used sweetcorn lol...). Oh, if you use anything frozen wrap it up in a t shirt don't let it directly go near your piercing. I am using this four times a day. You have to lower your piercing on to the frozen peas and no longer than five minutes. (Not rest the frozen peas on you - you lean into it like a pillow). I have never been so excited to see frozen sweetcorn! It feels lovely afterwards. It is to calm the warmth down and to stop swelling. It loves shower soaks too.

    Well, I am not in any pain with it. It just feels like I have had something done and bit warm and red. The last piercing niggles from time to time. I was expecting much worse. But, as they say the time is young!

    I would say that if you want this piercing. - I managed it so, I think you all can.

    I most probably have forgotten to say something on here - that is me - sorry! The jewellery that I have got in my ear are 4 x 3mm ball - (bars) and one Labret post back to front for the paw pad. I will buy something much more shine when they have healed but, we want to heal it first. The bars I have got in at the moment are quite long (expected) and my piercer would like them downsized as soon as they are ready. I am hoping my piercer will send me some photographs so, I can put them on here.

    I think that I have got rid of my piercing (needle) phobia now!
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