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Thread: My paw piercing experience.

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    Quick update! - My paw print piercing is now six and a half weeks old. I have just had the paw stretched from 1.2 - 1.6 as I needed a bigger sized heart for the paw as it keeps turning around and round lol... (Bigger heart - bigger gauge post). At the moment where my piercer gets her supplies from haven't got any pink hearts in the size and material I am after so, I have had a silver coloured one put in for now. It is a longer bar in case it suddenly swells etc...

    I was not looking forward to having it stretched. Well, lol... I was waiting the pain etc.... and my piercer turned to do/get something and I said "are you going to do it soon"? My piercer said that it has been done! I didn't even feel it. As the original heart kept moving around it made it easier to stretch. My piercer said that she knew it didn't hurt as she didn't hear me say any " F' it's!"
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