Carrying a wallet or purse isnít always practical, so here is the world's first contactless payment ring.

Kerv is welcome anywhere that accepts Mastercard contactless payments, which is almost 6 million retail locations worldwide Ė just look out for the contactless payment symbol. Kerv also facilitates one-touch access to public transport networks where contactless payment is available.

Kerv Ring defines the next-generation of wearable payment technology. Even more convenient than a contactless payment card, Kerv Ring never needs pairing with a phone or charging Ė it just works. Made from zirconia ceramic, Kerv ring is scratch resistant and waterproof.

One-touch payment up to £30 Ė no PIN required
Global acceptance at over 6 million retail outlets
Secure Ė turn Kerv Ring on and off
Easy access on Londonís TfL network
Powered by Mastercard, authorised by the FCA