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    Hi! So I got this new cartilage piercing back in december and i thought it was fine but then this morning i found out that it has a bump at the back. This is not the first time I致e got a bump(though it still scares me) but what I知 really worried about is the fact that there are hair strands tanggled at the back of my piercing which was already there waaay before i got the bump. So I知 wondering as to whether I should remove the piercing to also remove the tangled hair strands, or do I just leave it while I I知 trying to heal my piercing?

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    I'd say definitely remove the tangled hair.

    How to do this depends on how well healed your piercing is.

    It sounds like it isn't that well healed so I'd probably go to your piercer to help out but if it is nearly fully healed and you are confident with piercings then you could have a go yourself or get a friend to help. Make sure everything is very clean to reduce the chances of introducing infection.
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