Decided to get my septum pierced after thinking I could do with one more piercing. I really liked the idea of it being invisible, or, visible depending on the situation.

I called the piercing studio to ask what it was like having it done, how much it cost, could I simply drop in? All that was helpful. After a few more days thinking about it, I decided to go ahead. Going to the piercing studio is a straightforward drive after work, so I booked some flexi time and left early. Got there, completed the paperwork and got taken to the back of the shop and a curtain was pulled across for some privacy.

I explained the piercing had to be invisible or not to go ahead if this couldn't be done. The piercer looked at my nose and didn't see a problem so went ahead in marking the bottom of my nose with a blue pen and cleaning inside my nostrils with some liquid to get everything right. Then I was asked to lie down with my head right back for the clamp to be positioned, this took a while to get it right. I remember saying I wish I could watch (I'm not squeamish at all) and she gave me a little mirror to hold up!

The crucial moment came with the needle being positioned. "Ready?" she said. "Uh ha" was my replied and the needle was through and the end was then cut off with scissors. The little horseshoe ring was passed back through and the ball screwed on.

It was quite a tight fit so the piercer tried to widen out the ring with some pliers - this hurt far more than the piercing, it was like the end of my nose was being pinched! She then flipped it up into my nose (at my request) and said not to fiddle with it. Looking in the mirror I couldn't see it at all and my natural reaction was to put my little finger up my nose to feel if it was there. It really was and I was delighted. Then I was told off "you're fingers aren't sterile, please try not to do that!".

As I left and drove home I loved the sensation as I wiggled my nose. Sure it was sore but not too bad. I gave some thought to how I would let my wife know....