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Thread: nose stud fell out / repiercing?

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    Default nose stud fell out / repiercing?

    Hi. Iíve had my nose pierced for 2 years but have had many complications with it, like constant nose bumps and stuff.
    The other night it came out in my sleep and it seems like itís left a scar and I canít find the hole. I wont get it repierced immediately since it has had said complications.
    Can anyone tell me if they think this mark will eventually disappear so I can get it repierced again in the future? How long do you think Iíd have to wait?
    Do I need to put ice on it or do sea salt soaks or do you think I should just LITHA? (leave it the hell alone)
    Any advice appreciated, thank you

    also the scarring is just sort of brown/reddish circle, like an old spot.

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    I'd imagine you'd need to leave it several months and definitely wait for it to be properly and completely healed.

    I'd probably be tempted to leave it alone and see what happens.

    Are you tempted to get the other side pierced instead?
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