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Thread: Eyebrow piercing still not completely healed after over a year

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    Unhappy Eyebrow piercing still not completely healed after over a year


    I have an eyebrow piercing for over a year now. It's made of titanium and is shaped like two dots above and below the eyebrow. It still hasn't healed completely. There's a bit of pinkness that's a bit swollen around the exit points, it's hard to see, you need to really look up close. Every few days, especially after I shower, the pinkness peals as dry white discharge, or the discharge just comes out of the holes. It doesn't hurt or anything, only itches every now and then, but it isn't completely healthy.

    I've tried everything: salty water, alcohol (on the earring itself only), tea tree oil, antibiotic cream from a dermatologist (which made the redness much more swollen, it looked awful), bepanthen plus, and for the past few months I've tried doing nothing. Nothing helped, some things made it worse. One piercer from the place where I got the piercing said there's no problem (but I see that there is, a little bit) and another recommended the tea tree oil, that as I said didn't help. Dermatologists mostly told me to remove the earring, I think that's what they always say, I obviously didn't listen. I also got a titanium helix a few years ago, it got infected at first but after 6 months of treatment it went away.

    In the meanwhile I'm very careful, I don't even dare to sleep on the side of the piercing and I don't touch it. What can I do to finally make the piercing heal completely?
    I tried to take a picture but couldn't take one that's good enough.


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    I've had my eyebrow pierced for around 7 years now so I can't remember exactly how long the healing was or how it went but I'd say it was completely healed for sure well before the one year mark, although I'm not sure how long eyebrow piercings do take to heal with them being more of a surface piercing on a part of the. It's that's constantly moving.

    Does it look to be in the same place as pierced, it could be migrating? With you mentioning it being swollen still, and pink and the itching could be migration in which case it's best to take it out and let it heal to prevent excess scar tissue forming and then once it's healed you could try again. Eyebrow piercings are quite common for migration and rejection - I'm surprised mine has lasted this long with no problems. It's probably my favourite piercing!
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