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Thread: Bleeding nipple piercings

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    Default Bleeding nipple piercings

    I got my nipples pierced on Monday (Thursday today) and they are still bleeding. Not a lot, but when I wake up and by the end of the day it is like they have been oozing blood as there are dried blood crusties forming around the balls.

    Apart from my nostril and ear lobes, these are the only piercings I have so I'm not experienced with body piercings! When I had my nostril pierced it was a nightmare and took about 4 months to stop oozing blood and pus and to heal a little bump which formed, so I'm getting very anxious about these ones!

    If if anyone could offer advice on whether this is normal or not I would be very grateful as I'm a massive hypochondriac and have been driving myself crazy worrying about them! Currently I'm doing sea salt soaks twice a day and cleaning up any crusties afterwards with a q tip before rinsing with cool, fresh water and have been wearing fresh, clean bras every day.

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    Please be reassured that it is quite normal to experience 'crusties' for at least several days, or up to a week afterwards and you're doing all the correct aftercare. I've had 'crusties', too when I had mine done and it soon stopped. Nips are long healers, so expect the occasional lymphing, but as long as you practice the correct aftercare, you shouldn't have any problems.

    Regards to you nose piercing, they do take a minimum of 4 months to heal. Piercing other parts of your body other than lobes, can take much longer to heal, except for oral and genital piercings.

    Welcome me to the pierced nips club and happy healing!
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    I got mine pierced almost 3 months ago and the left one bled a little for almost a week every day. It should calm down soon.

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    I agree with what's been said. My nose has been pierced so long it gets harder to remember timings but it was a while before it settled down.

    My nipples were so painful for a week that I covered them up and wore the most padded bras I'd got. Once I let air get to them they improved and started healing but there were definitely crusties and oozing for a while.

    Stick with themy and keep cleaning them and I'm sure they'll be fine.
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