I had both nipples pierced in early May and unexpectedly planned a trip to Europe at the end of july into August. Piercings are fine but still healing, lymphing and crusting regularly. So my question is, can I swim in the ocean? I don't plan to sit in the ocean for hours on end more or less a dive in a dive out? It's going to be nearly impossible for me not to swim, going to be in super hot places at the beach every day lol. Should i just take the piercing out?

Or is there maybe something I can use to cover the piercings while i dip in the ocean? Or maybe rinse them off right away after? Any suggestions? I got the piercing at the worst time possible I realize that now.

ALSO - since I will be in Europe and won't have access to my piercer/doctor. What do I do if it does actually get super infected? I'm leaving in 2 and a half weeks and really just want to gather all the info I can before I go - also I'm just super paranoid.. lol thanks guys !