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Thread: I own my body.

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    My family is also usually pretty negative about it but I don't care, you only get one life. May as well do things you want rather than what others want - that's what their life's are for
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    Quote Originally Posted by x__ejw View Post
    ...but I don't care, you only get one life.
    And that's the key. I could go on allllllllllllll day about the comments I've got over the past 30+ years about how I look but why bother? Why waste time on it?
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    To risk making the most anodyne of remarks, different people like different things. I am a straight guy and think women that are pierced can often be more attractive than those not, quite possibly women into piercings may feel the same way about men - however as I start off with 'different people like different things'.
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    I'm still pretty fresh in the piercing community, but I have many years to come with my piercings. 30 years from now I could have a completely different set of piercings, but that doesn't mean I regret the ones I have now. At the end of the day, I'm the person who looks back at me in the mirror and I deserve to love what I see in terms of how my body is decorated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BladeBlack View Post
    Every time I've gotten a new piercing or had a piercing get a little bit angry, a lot of people like to say "Well that's your body telling you not to poke holes in it!" As if I don't know that my body doesn't want holes poked in it. I know that my body doesn't want me to get piercings, but my body doesn't own me. I own my body.

    The people who say these things don't seem to realize that I know what I'm doing to my body. They don't understand that I am a (mostly) responsible adult and I always know what I'm doing before I get any piercing.

    Of course my body is going to be mad at me when I poke holes in it to keep foreign objects in. But I am the person who loves and cares for the piercing until it heals so that my body can learn to accept it.

    My piercings may get angry from time to time, but I love them. And my love for my piercings is what makes it all worth it. If I didn't love my piercings, I wouldn't have them. They're my babies. I put plenty of love and care into them even after they've healed.

    And all of the piercings I currently have could still be considered babies because they're either newly healed or freshly stretched. And I plan to take them with me long into my life, and I know to do that I'm going to have to love them, and I know that my body will be mad from time to time. But all in all, I'm okay with that. Because I own (and love) my body.

    Quote Originally Posted by Boo View Post
    Tell them to f**k off and stop commenting on your body. If someone did that to me, they'd get a slap and dropped out of my life.

    Can i just say, i love you both aha.

    I'm lucky enough that i haven't got that much negativity unless you count, you guessed it, parents. They weren't that bad, not at all compared to some i've seen. When i got my nose/nostril pierced or said i wanted it my mum basically said no and tried to talk me out of it but my dad is a bit more open minded and talked her into it. I've been rocking it for 8 years now and my dad has even confessed he wasn't sure about it to begin with but he now believes and agrees with me that it suits me well. I think even after a while my mum said it was pretty.

    Either way you're 100% right. You know your body better than anyone else, try not to let their venom get to you.
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