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Thread: Piercing placement help

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    Default Piercing placement help

    I really want my conch, daith and either a double or triple forward helix done but im not sure where to get them? I know I dont want the forward helix on my right because of my rook piercing.

    My left ear only has my lobes pierced twice. (my right ear)

    I also have this ugly skin colored bump above my cartilage. Ive tried every remedy possible and the only thing that worked is the no pull discs but because of the position of the piercing the disc doesnt reach bump :( its not sore and the piercing is 3 years old.

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    Not sure you could fit a daith on your right ear.
    I've got a rook and double forward helixes on both ears and have no problems with mine.
    Conch could go in either ear.

    Not sure about your bump, but is that ring silver? If so, that might be the cause - change it. Might also have nickel in which case - change it. A nice titanium ring.
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