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Thread: OMG I can't believe how much this product helped

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    Default OMG I can't believe how much this product helped

    Woke up this morning feeling like this was the worst day of my cheek piercing healing, by far. But the H2Ocean spray came this morning. HOLY CRAP! Not only does it look better, it FEELS soooo much better.

    After only spraying twice today..... LOOK AT THIS.....

    This was this morning:

    This is a few hours later, after my normal routine, and then 2x using H2Ocean:

    >> Current <<
    16g Philtrum
    16g Septum 14g Cheeks/Dimples 16g Nostril 14g Horizontal Nipples
    14g Tongue (x2) 16g Tongue 14g Daith 14g Conch 14g Navel
    18g Earlobes (x10)

    >> Retired <<
    14g Labret
    14g Vertical Labret 14g Venoms (tongue) 16g Eyebrow (x2)

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    That looks ridiculously better, never tried it before but for sure will try it with my nostril which has been a problem for me for quite a while

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