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    This is a polite request in general and nothing more. There is no finger pointing or animosity related to this post. However, I do want to make this request as it seems to be missed in my signature and to explain why.

    Many people join this forum for help/advice and in today's day and age many of us are used to getting answers direct and fast. Therefore many new members will PM me with questions, some even before their account has been approved.

    I had to take the stance a while ago to stop answering such PMs for the following reasons:

    I can get several PMs a day, I simply do not have time to answer them.
    I am not online every single day or if I am, it's to perform simple admin duties and nothing more. You could be waiting a long time.
    I suffer from 2 different neurological disorders and have mental health issues. These can exhaust me and mean I may not answer correctly or read your question properly. Or may miss it altogether.
    I am a carer for my son and my partner, this again eats into my time.
    I am self employed, this again eats into my time.
    I do not work for BJS, nor am I paid for being a voluntary admin nor am I paid for answering PMs.
    The point of the forum is for discussion and inclusion. Therefore posting on here is best as different points of view may help you and also help others.
    I don't know everything! I'm not a piercer, never have been, never will be.
    If you absolutely do not want to ask questions on a forum I suggest speaking to a piercer, even if it's not your own or posting on here asking if someone will help you in private.

    I feel the need to post this as since the start of the year I've had people insult me and threaten me because I won't help them via PM. The vast majority of people understand and simply go on to post on the forum, getting an answer in moments. However, I do wish to clarify my position in the hopes that some of the abuse I get lessens. I do feel that since the BAF forums closed I've seen a spike in these reactions and hope that they will calm down soon.

    I love the way members help one another on this forum and the advice and information you all share is fantastic and I wouldn't be without it. I will not however stand for such behaviour and whilst I tend not to ban people for these reactions, I do ask that people respect my personal time and space.

    If you want to PM me to chat, feel free, by all means, I'm not some monster (contrary to popular belief), I just don't have the time or energy to deal with a PM box full of specific piercing questions.

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    coinslot ear cartilage removal, 5mm conch punch
    Cosmetic Modifications: Scar removal x7, semi permanent eyebrows, semi permanent eyeliner, semi permanent lipstick, lip dermal filler, botox
    Retired Piercings: 3 nipple, tongue, 4 philtrum, 4 eyebrow, 2 outer labia, VCH, 1 lobe, rook, nostril, 3 nape MDs, 2 wrist MDs, septum, 3 upper conch, conch, 5 helices
    Tattoos: 95 hours
    >>>>>>>>>>New Members - Please do not PM me with questions about your piercing, this is what the forum is for, thank you<<<<<<<<<<

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