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Thread: Changing tongue piercing?

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    Disclaimer: I'm not ready to change my tongue piercing yet, I just have so many questions and I love getting answers from different perspectives!

    I have my tongue pierced and I was wondering if it is absolutely necessary to go back to my piercer when it's ready to be changed? I know some people change them themselves and I was just wondering because my piercing shop is an hour away and I don't have my own transportation. My mom won't drive me because she doesn't want anything to do with any of my piercings.

    So could I change it myself if I'm super careful? Or would I have to find away to get to my piercer again? And if I can change it myself, how long should I wait? What steps and precautions should I take?

    Any help is appreciated!
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    Hey BB

    Personally, I am going back to my piercer to downsize my bars (he told me to come in 2 weeks time but it will have to be 3 weeks - when I get paid). I would like my piercer to see my tongue piercings and confirm they are still doing okay, and when he changes the bars I will know it's been done properly and hygienically.

    Opinions will probably vary on this. I would imagine since it's your first downsize and still close to the time you got pierced, your piercer may want to have a look at your tongue to see how it's healing up and from there, decide on the most appropriate size to put in. I don't know how a piercer would know what size you need, without seeing you in person? But then again maybe they will know, if in doubt you can always call your piercer and ask whether or not you can change the bar yourself.
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    I personally would go back if it's your first ever tongue piercing. When I got my first horizontal and the first vertical piercing I want back to the piercer to change it because they can be tricky in the beginning. And especially if it's a relatively fresh piercings they can close up in a moment. You don't want to be messing around during that time. And like Alice said your piercer will be able to tell what size you will need with downsizing and can see if your tongue is healed enough.
    After those first changes I started to mess around with mine and by the time I got more done I was used to changing them that I didn't go back to my piercer anymore. She knew what size would fit my tongue once it was healed so by the time of the second and third vertical tongue piercings she just gave me the correct size barbells in a bag so I could change them myself while on holiday.
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