I got my first facial piercing almost 2 weeks ago and thought I'd share my experience

The piercer I went to was amazing. I expected him to clamp me up but he went straight in with the needle after marking, and was very quick and efficient.

Pain level? I'd give it a 3/10. My gunned second lobes hurt/burned much more and for longer. My fear about the piercing was worse than the actual piercing itself. It felt like a sharp pinch, and there was a burning sensation for about a minute. Once the bar was in and everything, there was no longer any pain, just numbness. It felt like this for the rest of the night though I was eating, talking, and laughing
The next day, that side of my lip was sore, and that lasted for a week, gradually going down. After that, there was no discomfort.

imgur.com/9KGY1BW <--- about 8 hours after the piercing
imgur.com/4jwygjE <--- the next day
My lip swelled up the next morning, but it wasn't too bad, and like the soreness, it lasted for like a week. There was a bit of bruising on and on the inside on my lip but that went away 2-3 days later.

Issues? I could eat/drink as usual. My biggest issue was having a ball fall down the drain one night, and having to use a tiny bit of (clean) eraser on that end until I could replace it lol.

For aftercare I've been doing saline soaks 1-2 times a day and that's been going well. So far, I'm very happy with this piercing and how easy it's been to deal with

Side note/question: Since the swelling's completely down, is a downsize necessary for optimal healing? It looks like the first picture I posted, is that too much extra space?