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Thread: Stretched nostril piercing

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    Hey all! My nostril piercing healed perfectly and has been an absolute dream since I got it (I've been using 1mm surgical steel jewellery). Never a days issue with it - even when the dreaded bump arrived it was gone in a week.

    Anyway, I was struggling to find a nose ring I loved and my best friend eventually got me Claire's ones which she absolutely adores (0.5mm sterling silver). Because this piercing has been such a breeze and I've had it about a year I got a bit overconfident and put the Claire's ring in for about a week. Anyway, safe to say I hated it - it was so thin and cheap it bent out of a continuous circle, it was too thin for my face and the silver seemed to have a weird reaction with the piercing. So early hours of the morning Saturday, I decided to change it back aaand... nothing. I couldn't get my 1mm rings or nose screws through. Rather than reacting calmly, putting the horrible ring back in and - I don't know, going to the piercing shop? Posting on here? - I panicked, got a pair of nitrile gloves, lubed the ring up with tea tree and almond oil and forced it back through (thinking a 0.5mm difference would be less than the average ear stretch). I had a little blood at first, but when I stopped and let it calm down for a while it eventually did pop back through (I later realised this was a 1.2mm ring so a 0.7mm stretch).

    Anyway, it's now Tuesday and my nostril is now so much more painful than when I even got it pierced. Every time I SSS it or readjust the ring (it has a gap in it where I lost the bar closure) it is agony and feels really tender and swollen. I'm really worried I messed my poor piercing up and my questions are as follows:

    1. Now I'm calm, and in case I ever have a similar situation with my other piercings, what would have been the best way to deal with this - similar to what I did, or getting a piercing shop to re-pierce/stretch the hole?
    2. How long should I leave it to settle before attempting to change to a nose screw? The ring is definitely too big and moves a lot and irritates the fistula.
    3. Shall I just continue to baby my piercing and SSS it until the pain goes away or is there something else I should be doing to encourage healing and help the swelling?

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    I stretched a cartilage piercing in my ear up one size and it hurt for a good 2 weeks and that was done by my piercer. I'd go back to your piercer asap and get some suitable jewellery put in it so you don't need to keep fiddling with it. It won't settle down if you are constantly moving the jewellery. Ideally you want implant quality titanium rather than stainless steel.

    Claires is not good quality and silver is not a good idea in fresh piercings.

    When I've been in your situation with my nose piercing I've just popped a ear stud through the hole until I stopped panicking and could take my time getting the jewellery back in.

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