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Thread: Double helix infected?

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    Default Double helix infected?

    I am not sure if my double helix is infected or if the redness and swelling it caused by the hot hair dryer i used.
    So yesterday I was drying my hair with a hair dryer that is ridiculously hot (has no heat settings) and by mistake i directed the heat at my ear for too long. There was some pain but, it went away in a few seconds however, later on my piercings started to hurt non stop.
    When I woke up this morning there was redness and swelling in that area but, not in the entire ear and in the afternoon the pain died down. There is no pulsating, heat, or puss however, there is a lump beneath my ear lobe which I guess is a swollen lymph node. It would really surprise me if this was an infection because I never touch the piercing, play with the jewellery or put any creams on it or anything. I just rinse it in the shower and that is it. Also, I was studs in so the jewellery can't move around like rings would do.

    So have I burnt my ear or is it infected?

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    Most likely to be burnt. The metal in the piercings heats up very fast and even if you stop applying the heat, it takes a while to cool down continuing to burn you.

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