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Thread: Question about nose piercing jewelery

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    Went 11 days ago and had my nostril pierced. So far is healing great, but my problem is the jewelery. It's so long that if I don't keep it turned up it really sticks out of my nose and it also pokes the bottom of the inside of my nose. Do you think it woold be OK to change it or wait longer. My friend who went with me and had hers done stayed changing hers a couple of days after. I Am sure that's to soon.

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    Go to a reputable piercer and get proper well fitted jewellery and do not try to change it yourself otherwise you will risk getting an infection. Your friend is being reckless. Nose piercings can take 4-6 months to heal or more and a couple of days is not enough even if it looks or feels healed. I would strongly advise you tell her to not change it under any circumstance. Leave the piercing alone just rinse it in the shower every night or sss everyday and after the minimal healing time has past you can see if your piercing is ready to be changed.

    i meant leave it alone after getting it changed by the piercer.

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    Ok. I will do that. Thank you I will go to get it looked at tomorrow

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