I really want a tongue split. I work in a professional environment so I would need to keep it hidden. I do get a fair amount of vacation as well so I was wondering how long it takes if getting split and stitched method how long before speaking was 100% normal?

Is there habits one does to make sure it doesn't show when yawning, licking you lips because they are dry or have food on them, talking, ect.

I want to get it for personal reasons and have wanted for a long time. Wife is ok with it although she doesn't want to do it herself. This isn't my first thing. I have 8 piercings, 4 implants and have a partial subincision and a full glans hhead split and two tattoos nome of which can be seen at work.

If there is no way to hide it is there an age where you are too old to get it done? Say I had to wait until I retire - is that a pipe dream or a possibility?

Thank you