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Thread: Do you need a flat tummy for a naval/double naval piercing?

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    Default Do you need a flat tummy for a naval/double naval piercing?

    I like the double naval but I'm 30 pounds overweight and have a round belly. It looks like a pregnant belly even though I'm not having a kid because I have some digestive issues (my tummy fills with air a lot too) plus the weight obviously. I've never seen a naval done on a bigger person and I feel like I would have to lose weight to get one or it wouldn't sit right. I also have a deep innie. Any thoughts?

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    You need to visit a piercer to say for sure, but plenty of bigger women have navel piercings - I for one think they look great. If you have a deep innie then you will probably be fine.
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    my piercer said the same thing. he said though that dermal or surface piercings usually take the place of the bottom one because it's often not doable.

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