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Thread: My first tattoo - children's names

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    Default My first tattoo - children's names

    Hi, I'm pretty much set on getting this done on Friday after messing with the design, speaking to friends and a couple of tattoo studios.
    I originally just wanted names of my children on my wrist, then started playing around and came up with this for my upper arm.

    This was my first idea. Just the names on my wrist.

    My wife didn't like that the children's names were ordered and a graphic designer friend of mine thought that adding an ampersand after James would make a better looking block of text.

    So my second attempt was this:

    My wife didn't like that it made Elizabeth sound like an afterthought.

    I then started playing around and did this infinity symbol.

    I liked it but studios said it would be quite large due to the font and maybe either inside upper arm or along forearm. They said they'd tidy up the font so it flowed into the infinity.

    I then changed it to this. It's my children revolving around my wife and no child is more important than any other:

    I really like it and so do most people I've asked. Studios said it would work. My wife wasn't sure about her initial in the middle but after trying a few more fonts and sizes of the R she prefers this one.

    I then made it clearer because the font is making some glitches where letters overlap and this is the final design.

    It's my birthday on Friday so I'm planning on going in then sometime.

    I've not had tattoos before but like that I've worked on my first myself. My thoughts are to maybe get a tattoo every year or so of something that made me happy in the past year, like a collection of happy memories. I'm not sure if this would work though. I think I'd prefer tattoos of memories than just an artpiece.

    Assuming I get it done on Friday I'll post up the results (if it doesn't look bad).
    - Left lobe x 2 - Left Outer Helix recent 1.2mm needle - Right Outer Helix recent 1.2mm needle
    - One tattoo on right shoulder/upper arm

    - Left Outer Helix x 2 - Right Outer Helix x 2 - Nose - Nose (2nd time) - Left nipple - Chest surface - Left index finger (Accident with a stapler)

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    Nice idea!

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    I like the first one best btw

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    The last 3 pictures arent showing for me & I cant open them for whatever reason, but I LOVE the font from the first two. Thats a badass idea, by the way, to get one every year...if you can last that long, that is. I know you've probably heard it a thousand times, that once you get one you cant stop, but its true. I just got my 6th less than 2 weeks ago and im already craving another.

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