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Thread: Disappointing my parents

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    Yeah I think we all have those kinda of relatives :/ at least one or two. It's frustrating but in the end they need to respect my decision as I am an adult and it is my body. I have my reasons to body mods and they're going to love you no matter what. I had an ex who threatened to break up with me if I got a piercing. I did it when we got in a fight and he still wanted me since he realized that it was cute. Now that we're broken up for a different reason it made me realize that having family be so negative on your decisions is enough, can't afford to have friends and partners bring me down for something I want!

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    I'm too old to disappoint parents, but I have to be careful with my 17 year old autistic son. He freaked out when I had my nose pierced. He thinks piercings are 'unnatural'. I would love to have my tongue pierced and a madonna, too., but I'm trying to ease him in gently as I can, for when I do have them.
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    My boyfriend is very much like that. Even though my tattoos are easily coverable for a work environment, he still makes jokes about "why would you do that to yourself?" and it really gets me down.

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