First question, because I've gotten different answers from plenty of people. My bellybutton folds up when I sit down. I've heard that it will slow down the healing process, but that it will eventually heal. I've also heard that it won't be able to heal at all, and that it'll heal just fine. If anyone has any of their own experiences they'd like to share, that'd be great.

Also, I'm planning to lose 10-20 lbs, and I would like to know if it would effect the piercing at all. I don't plan to lose it quickly, just slow and steady.

P.s I let my inexperienced sister pierce it for me before, and she obviously didn't go through all the way. It was way smaller than a regular bellybutton piercing, but it healed just fine. It did rip out, though, because it wasn't pierced through enough layers of my skin.