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Thread: White tongue peeling- Oral thrush? Over cleaning? WHAT IS IT???

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    Default White tongue peeling- Oral thrush? Over cleaning? WHAT IS IT???

    Hey there, I just had a few curious questions about my tongue's health;

    I got my tongue pierced three weeks ago to the day, and so far it's going good, I still have the long bar in which will get changed out AFTER I solve my current problem:

    I was using Listerine "naturals" (it's the same 'ol Listerine without unneeded chemicals and colors added to it, so it still has 21.6% alcohol in it) to clean the piercing with, one swish after every soft meal for the first 1.5 weeks, and then whenever I felt like it needed cleaning afterwards up until a day or two ago, when I stopped using it all together.

    My mouth got pretty dried out after the first week, but my piercer told me that it was normal to happen and to keep using it or else the new piercing would get infected.

    So I kept using it, and now my tongue has the "white fur" that most people on here seem to have from over cleaning it. This, I get. I was probably using too much mouthwash and not diluting it. I should've used non- alcoholic rinse. I give MYSELF a slap on the wrist for listening to this guy who did my piercing.

    (NOT TO MENTION he pierced it crooked as an old man's cane, but I won't be able to get it redone until after I am done with my scuba diving college classes next summer. So for now I am living with the crookedness, since it has seemed to heal well and I like having the bar in my mouth. I've already got this far, dangit! ...sigh. I'll definitely be going to the next door place in hopes that he can push a needle through a muscle STRAIGHT. How hard is that to do???)

    I'm only using fresh water and saline to rinse now because of what happened to my tongue a few days ago.

    I was at work and was looking in the bathroom mirror at the white fur on my tongue, wondering all the above when I tried to gently scrape it off with my tooth brush I carry around. It looked gross and I was afraid it may get into the piercing somehow.

    To my utter surprise, a huge spot of the fur just came completely OFF! With little to no scrubbing or force. Like it just came right off, and there was pink/red tongue underneath where it was. I freaked out because I have NEVER done this or had this happen in my life!!!

    Is this normal? There is still more areas of the white fur coming off and pink underneath, now at about half of the top area of my tongue. (As shown in the pictures)

    Meanwhile my tongue does NOT hurt, It's NOT bleeding or sore at all, but it feels like sandpaper like when you burn your tongue right where the new pink is showing, yet none of this seems to be affecting my tongue piercing at all. In fact, it looks pretty ready for a new shorter bar. My sense of taste is just a bit off, but I suspect it's because of some reasons listed below.

    I'm too afraid to change the bar yet because someone said I might have oral thrush. I've never had this before, what are the most common signs of it?

    Or could it be that I may have chemically burned the top layer off of my tongue because of the mouthwash overuse? I went to a urgent care walk-in clinic and the doctor said it may be this. She wasn't a dentist or ENT doctor, so I take her word semi-lightly.

    What should I be doing to ensure that my mouth has the right bacteria to help heal quickly? I'm afraid I may have the thrush because perhaps I stripped all the good bacteria from my mouth?

    My mouth is still pretty dry also, even after drinking plenty of water and discontinuing use of the alchohol mouthwash. I am thinking of trying to swish with Biotene to get the dryness away and get my saliva up and running again. Is that a good idea? Or should I just leave it be?

    Can I start kissing my boyfriend with more than just a peck on the lips now? (which I was told I could do after three weeks) Or do I refrain until my tongue gets better?

    The attached pictures show what my tongue looked like right before I scrubbed it and got it pierced that day, then a few days after I got it pierced, and then it's current state. (SORRY! I know looking into other people's mouths is pretty gross, but pictures always make it easier to find out what's wrong.)

    (LET ME KNOW IF THE IMAGES OR LINKS DON"T COME UP!!!) There's a space in between the beginning of the link, so keep that in mind.

    Any thoughts, please? I will be calling the dentist tomorrow, or perhaps walking in too. But until then any insight would be helpful! If I can afford to not pay a hundred dollars just to get my tongue glanced at and MAYBE get diagnosed. (That's how it goes here in the USA.)

    Besides all of this, would it be wise to go through with changing the bar? I'm starting to bite on it while eating now and I don't want to harass it any more than it is right now.
    My piercer said if I order a high quality tongue bar online I can do the first downsize by myself, and just to soak it in a shot glass of rubbing alcohol for a few minutes, then wipe it with saline solution and put it in, making sure the balls are tight.

    Is this something I can do? Or SHOULD do?
    I have no idea how easy it will be for the new bar to slide in, but the current bar slides around easily.
    I'm not sure how long it is, I'm sure I can find out with a ruler. Would I take the length of the bar sticking out when my tongue is at rest, and take that away from the barbells length to find out what size I will need for the new bar? I would like to do this at home IF it's reasonable. It costs me 40 bucks just to have it changed where I live. But if my tongue will fall off if I do it by myself, then I guess I'll have to spend more money.

    Not sure I should be trusting this piercer right now... The other guy down the street might be getting my business from now on. :( sigh.

    Thanks for reading this novel I just wrote. "A day in the life of a pierced tongue" by Worried Tongue Owner.

    Sorry for the so many questions. Ugh. :/
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    Got any questions or thoughts? ASK! I love answering questions and hearing opinions!!!

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    Can't see the picture and can't help much regarding the white/pink thing but...

    Usually tongue piercings heal pretty fast compared to other piercings. In about a month and a half it's probably healed enough. I changed my bar after a week because I kept biting on it and the swelling had gone down enough for a downsize in length.

    I never like to change the bar myself for the first time, so I prefer having a piercer do it for me.

    In my experience it did not hurt at all, and I felt actually relieved when the short bar was put in.

    Also, my piercing looked super crooked with the long bar, and I believe most piercers do it at an angle. But once you downsize it, it doesn't really show

    Good luck!

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    Can't see the pics. You should never use alcohol based mouthwash with a healing oral piercing. I kinda agree with the doctor you saw. Get the bar downsized asap by a decent piercer (not the idiot who did it originally) and don't use any harsh products on it. It will settle down soon. Where do you live?
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