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Thread: Belly piercing bump on dark skin (pictures included)

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    Default Belly piercing bump on dark skin (pictures included)

    Hello there,

    I am relatively new here and I hope I followed the rules correctly. I wanted your advices on my belly piercing condition. I got it pierced at the beginning of this June and it was all fine but recently there is this dark brown (darker than my skin tone) bump on my top hole. I showed it the first time to the piercing lady and she said it was fine and it will eventually go. I contacted her again and she said to stop using salt soaks and use sudocream and if things don't improve then to remove it. I do think I made a mistake while using SSS as I might have used too much salt. The bar seems to be too long as it always sticks out and it is made of titanium. Could you please tell me if there is any way to save this piercing? Is it infected? I don't have any discharges now but I did have a tiny bit of white fluid coming out, The thing that worries me a lot is bump and its darkening will they ever go away if I decide to remove it? I am honestly panicking since I had my nose pierced 12 years ago and I had no problems at all. Thank you everyone fir your kind help.

    Here are the pictures (sorry for my hair I didn't wax since I was scared)
    This is the first time I went to see the piercing lady and I used SSS

    This is when I started using sudocream (since Sunday)

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    If you've been using too much salt it may have dried the skin out and irritated it? Although i thought sudocream was drying as well so not sure how much thats gonna help. Id go back to salt soaks just make sure they're the right concentration but thats just my personal opinion im no expert
    Ive had a few smaller bumps a bit like this one...they do tend to go eventually.

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    As you have posts elsewhere, I will close this.
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