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Thread: Daith aftercare help

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    Default Daith aftercare help

    Four days ago I got my Daith pierced while in NC. The woman who did it was very professional about set and disinfecting and everything was sterile and open right in front of me so I could see. She explained step by step what she was doing during the piercing process and my piercing does look really great. She used a 16g barbell to used while healing which I'm fine with because it sits in my ear and isnt getting caught.

    But after getting it pierced her Aftercare instructions sound a little weird to me. She told me to not put anything on it at all. If in the shower I could rinse it off and use body wash on it, which using body wash sounds really weird to me. I asked her about sea salt soaks which I had used on my septum which healed great. She told me sea salt soaks are bs and your body does everything naturally on its own and you dont see hospitals mixing up sea salt and water.

    I also mention that when I had my industrial done a few years ago had gotten four really bad bumps and an infection and I had to take it out, so I was concerned about getting bumps on my daith. I know now that the bumps were just scarring and I probably could have healed them up if I had known what to do back then, but she told me that was BS also because piercings don't give you bumps that is hereditary. I forget the name of the scarring but I know there is a scarring that can happen that is not a keloid.

    Seriously though? I gave up trying to ask her because she was very set on this your body does everything naturally don't do anything stuff, which in part I think is true but I feel I should clean it still.

    For the past 4 days I have just been using cotton balls with warm water and wound wash to soak it and a q-tip to gently get off dried blood.

    Does anyone with a daith piercing or knowledge on it have any advice for me on how they healed theirs? I'm not exactly sure the best way to soak it based on the location and I was wondering if sea salt soaks work well for anyone for this piercing or anything else they did. Also what anyone did if they developed bumps on theirs.

    Sorry for the lengthy post, I wanted to explain why I'm concerned on how to heal it properly.
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    Never had a daith but speaking about piercings overall I think she was referring to the LITHA method. Just rinse it in the shower, remove any crusties that may be coming off and leave it alone.

    If you do want to do SSS you can fill a cup or another container and then just soak your ear inside it. Idk how to explain, but turning your head to the side and lowering it until you feel your ear is completely inside the container.

    Oh, as for the bumps, sometimes they appear because the jewelry is too long and therefore it moves too much, irritating the piercing. Sometimes it's also due to poor quality jewelry, so always make sure you have implant grade titanium! Hazel created a bump thread you might wanna check the bump is called hypertrophic scar btw!
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    I don't use anything on my healing piercings other than plain water to clean them once a day ( twice if they get uncomfortably crusty) and have never had a bump. The body really does do an excellent job of healing itself when just left to get on with it.

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    I second Dragon Soup - I've got both my daith's done, just rinse in the shower, although I do have a saline spray, that I use 2 - 3 times a day.
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    I agree with the advise you were given.

    If you cut your knee you don't go soaking it twice a day in a salt solution. With most wounds it's best to keep them clean and dry. If you don't touch it, which you shouldn't be, there's minimal chance of it getting infected.
    A blast in the shower is all it needs. This will remove any loose crusties.

    I make sure to up my showers to twice a day with a new piercing to ensure it's cleaned in the morning and evening.

    I do have some saline spray as a back up or if I'm staying away or camping though
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