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Thread: Anyone else wish they'd thought their piercings out a bit more....

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    I regret only one piercing.
    Basicaly it's a custom here to pierce you baby's ears. I had it done when i was 2 maybe, i remember crying in the car afterwards because they hurt so much. Then my parents took them out and they healed. In total i had my lobes pierced 3 or 4 times so i developed a serious fear from cosmetologist ladies with piercing guns and attitudes about "stop crying this will not hurt" (lol) "just pick one already" (oh right also every time i look at those small packages of piercing gun earrings i get crippling anxiety.
    So after the last incident i had my left lobe hole still intact but my right one healed up, i was scared to death by piercing guns and didn't know piercing earrings with needles in proper piercing salons was a thing (i was 13 or 14). So, i got an old pair of earrings, vodka and ice cubes, froze my earlobe senseless, "cleaned" the earring and.... pushed an earring (the ones in piercing guns have a pointy end but still...) right through my lobe by hand. I still hear the crunchy sound of earring going through tissue. Funny thing is it didn't hurt at all. Next day i wanted to do the same o nmy left ear for a second lobe piercing, but everything was more slippery and my ear regained sensation by the time the earring was only halfway through. But i thought hey i started thism ight as well go along so i managed to do it. Since i didn't know aftercare was also a thing i just let it be. Funny thing is my right lobe healed perfectly, my left one took some time but for some reason additional lobe piercings always did.
    The funny thing is i got a few lobe piercings after it and the 2nd right earlobe was worse positioned than the one i did myself. (got it finally re-done yesterday)
    Still in hindsight it was a reeeeeally bad idea to do it myself
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