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Thread: Daith keloid/Removal?

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    Default Daith keloid/Removal?

    I had my daith pierced about 3 months ago and about one month ago a keloid formed on the bottom hole. I've been treating it with two sss a day and then applying hydrocortisone cream to it (this was my piercers recommendation) and so far it hasn't gotten any bigger but it hasn't gotten any smaller. I tried tea tree oil at first but that was too harsh on my skin, even when I diluted it. I was wondering if I take the jewelry out will the keloid then go away or will it be easier to treat with the jewelry in? I've got a circular barbell in it right now and it's not a big diameter (I don't know the exact dimeter sadly). I'm starting nursing school this fall so I also plan on having to take it out since I doubt I'll be able to wear a stethoscope comfortably since I can't even wear ear buds comfortably.
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    Was it diagnosed as a keloid by a dermatologist? If not then it sounds like a very typical bump known to occur with cartilage piercings. At 3 months it's in a very early stage of healing, daiths can take a good 6-9 months or more to heal fully. The bump will go away if you remove the jewellery but it will also heal up very quickly as well so you wouldn't be able to get any jewellery back in it.
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    I going to assume you don't mean an actual keloid but a standard bump cartilage piercings get. If you already plan on taking it out THIS fall I would probably take it out and let it heal. If you can't wear headphones, your nursing equipment will definitely be no different. That piercing will need to heal completely, which can be a full year, in order to be able to take it out or wear headphones/stethoscope without it becoming angry. Do what is best for your piercing and your career. I was prenursing at some point with a new cartilage piercing and I refused to give that thing up. In the end I had a lot of problems with bumps and it significantly prolonged healing time from wearing a stethoscope and headphones.

    I got a weird bump on my flat piercing, and realized it was because of the angle it was pierced at. I took it out and once it settled I would do light massages with emu oil and it got rid of everything in 2-3 days- if you so happen to decide to take it out this what made the area heal up quick for me.
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