Hi guys. I hope this posts finds some knowledgeable folks because I am really losing my temper and my patience. I posted a while back about chamomile compresses for piercing bumps, well, I've reached the point where the scar, and it is a scar not an infection, simply will not go away. I have no idea what to do. I've done the Sea Salt Soaks and the Tea compresses. I've been pierced almost 12 weeks. Will this scar ever go away?

I am still doing aftercare because of being diabetic. I still do at least one, if not two SSS, a day. I run shower water over it. I don't play with it. I use a cotton bud to clean the outside skin and I am very gentle. I have Neo Metal in, so I know it's good stuff. My piercer told me to put vitamin E oil on it to try and break down the scar. It's not an enormous bump, but I am becoming very upset. Nothing is working on this stupid thing.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am becoming so upset that taking it out is looking like an option.

How long do I have to keep up the SSS? Is there an end to this? If so, what am I doing wrong? I have done LITHA in the past and the bump arrived, got huge, and that's when I used the Chamomile Tea just like my piercer told me to. Like I said, the tea worked for a little bit, but nothing is flattening this sucker now. Please help if you can.