Hi! I'm Fox. 29, female and currently living in Brisbane, Queensland.

I'm a live music photographer....mostly. I tend to shoot the heavier stuff but really anything that pushes me.

Before I was really interested in piercing or body modification of any kind, a very good friend showed me Dances Sacred and Profane. After that, many discussions with friends and reading of materials from people like Shannon Larratt (may he rest in peace) I was hooked.

Anything i have done and will do to my earthly body, I do not see as altering what is natural...I guess I see it as becoming....natural. In a way.

Anyway I love chatting! I love meeting new people. I love sharing life. I hate lists so I won't be listing my mods but suffice to say there's more holes in me than I was born with, along with some stuff placed under the surface, including ink. Always happy to share my experiences.