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Thread: Need advice on % please!

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    Exclamation Need advice on % please!

    I work in a studio as self employed, and I'm currently the body piercer and tattoo apprentice. As I'm not that busy I was given the grace to give a cut of my earnings of 20%. The plan is to finish out my apprenticeship - or at least get busy enough as an apprentice to pass the torch to a new piercer.

    I have picked up work somewhat with piercings, so was more than happy to have my percentage increased. However, On the last day of the working week, as I was counting my earnings, the owner of the studio told me that I now owe her 30% for piercings, and 35% for tattoos, which in total adds up to 65% of my earnings. I did query this and she said that due to it "technically" being two seperate businesses, that I should pay her the same percentage as her fully qualified artist and that it's not "technically" 65%. Am I wrong in thinking that this is taking the mick a bit? Please don't comment anything rude or disrespectful, as I am just trying to understand as this is the only tattoo studio I have worked in, so I don't know if this is normal practice.
    I am also more than happy to give her a percentage for both the piercings and tattooing, but feel this is way too high and surely it would be best making one joint percentage, instead of two seperate?

    Also, is there a cap on how much she can request of my earnings, and is it not right that she should have given me more notice than 5 minutes and it should have been in writing? I'm just panicking a bit as I was just starting to get right with money, and now I'm back to square one!

    Many thanks in advance x

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    Tbh she's right, it's not 65%, percentages don't work that way.

    To make it simple imagine you earned $100 one day, $50 piercing, $50 tattooing. By your logic you would end up with $35 after 65% has been taken off.

    However it works like this: 30% of $50 is $15, 35% of $50 is 17.50, so you end up with $67.50 - quite a difference from $35...

    If you wanted to make it an average then it comes out to 32.5% not 65%.

    As for normal practice I have no idea, it may be better to try and find out from other professionals but ultimately it depends on what you're happy with at the end of the day!

    As for a cap or what's legal you are SE so you are the one who needs to state how much you charge and how much you will pay so yes there needs to be an agreement in place that she signs and agrees to from you. If you don't have the original amount in writing either than you're at a bit of a loss.

    Her suddenly changing the amount on you is shitty and poor practice but agreements always need to be in writing and confirmed first.
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