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Thread: A little nervous and a little scared: first tat

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    Eeh... hehehe. Sorry Niki~~ But honestly.. It still isn't so bad. It was a bit painful for me to walk for the next.. 3-4 days. After that it got much better. After one week I didn't really notice it that much while walking. And as long as you don't walk a lot during those first few days it really isn't that bad. As for pain while walking.. It's actually more stinging while walking or standing on iet that makes it painful. Not that painful that you absolutely can't walk anymore but just painful enough that you prefer not to walk for long periods of time.
    Or well... That was my experience with it. I still want my other foot done.. Which I think will be even worse. On my right foot I have a dreamcatcher with two wolf heads on top of it. Just big black lines. My left foot will be a more detailed one with color in it. It's going to be a tattoo of a clock that was my grandma's. After she died I took the clock home and it has quite some special meaning in my family. The clock just stopped working every single time someone from my mom's side of the family died. Battery was still okay, clock itself was okay. It just stopped ticking.
    ((well okay... It has been established that I can't be short and straightforward. Sorry! ))
    I'm sure you will be okay though! Since you also have your ribs tattooed. And from experiences from my friends we came to the conclusion that ribs are probably more painful and/or uncomfortable than feet are.

    @Hazel Hahaha I guess it's just a matter of luck. To be fair I still haven't had a long session. I think the longest I had was 2 or 2,5 hours of work. So we still need to see how I react to those.
    My first tattoo was on the palm of my hand though. And I didn't found that one so painful. Just one or two parts were more painful than the rest. But still not so painful that it really hurt. The artist did tell me however that a few weeks before they had someone who wanted a tattoo on her palm and after only one stip she said they needed to stop because she couldn't handle it.
    I still don't know if my pain tolerance for tattoos is just higher or that I am extremely lucky that it just doesn't hurt that much.

    And yes, how is it going teb? Everything still okay?
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    Can I ask does it have a meaning kinda looks like a symbol of sorts bit like infinity and has made me curious
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    Question Itchy tat on day 3?

    This is my first tat. Is it normal to be itching by day 3? It's not peeling, just itching like a bitch!
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    Yup, totally normal.
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