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Thread: diy saline spray soltion question?

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    Default diy saline spray soltion question?

    I was thinking about putting my home made saline solution in a small spray bottle to clean my piercings with.


    1. Do I need to clean the spray bottle in a particular way to disinfect it? (the bottle with be bought empty)
    2. How regularly would I need to replace the solution?
    3. Will the solution go bad after a certain amount of time?

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    The solution would go bad, you're better off just buying a saline spray such as this:

    And honestly it will last you a long time. Saves having to make your own solution and hope you get the mix right (also sea salt isn't sterile and is quite dirty, so I prefer not to make a sea salt mix personally).
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    I echo above
    I use the stericlens linked and love it. The pressure zaps away any loose crusties, it's nice and cold so provides instant relief to anything that's swollen and it's not too harsh so I can get away with not rinsing it off if I need to use it while out!
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    I agree with both above. I have made my own saline solution, not a spray, more of a dip. Also, I have used a saline spray sold by my piercer. The spray sold by my piercer was much nicer to use. I really does provide a nice relief on new/swollen piercings. I also feel that since the spray is made by professionals, it seems to help the piercing heal faster.

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