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    Default Hi there.

    Just a few lines to introduce myself to the forum. I'm Pete, I'm 43 and am completely new to the world of piercings and tattoos. I have to be honest, it's not something I've spent too much time thinking about. However, I've recently joined a naturist swimming club and have noticed (and I have to be honest, started to admire) a number of the members, both male and female, who are pierced in their nipples, penis, scrotum, labia etc. I am beginning to think that I would quite like my own piercing(s?) and so I have joined the forum to learn more about the different options and the ways people enjoy their piercings.
    The piercing I'm thinking of to start with is a Prince Albert as I think they look great.
    l look forward to reading the forum and perhaps asking a few questions along the way. Who knows, after nothing for 43 years, perhaps I'll make up for lost time and this time next year I'll have multiple piercings and maybe a tattoo or two as well!!

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    hi pete

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