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Thread: Lip piercing with braces

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    Default Lip piercing with braces

    I've had braces for a year now and I don't know when I'll be getting them off for several reasons.

    I really want to get the right side of my lower lip pierced, but I know that if I did, the bar would get caught on my braces.

    My question is, can I get a hoop lip ring instead and do piercers even allow that as your first jewelry?

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    Hmm, having had braces, and many lip piercings (not at the same time though) I'd say probably not. From what I can guess the inside of the lip bar would rest right on your braces, which would actually be fine, but I can just imagine chewing and things like that being a nightmare.
    Alternatively, have you considered a vertical lip piercing? That would be no prob!
    Also, most reputable piercers won't allow a ring as your first jewellry, and if they do, they aren't reputable.
    A ring is more prone to movement, bumping, catchin, it would let in more bacteria and higher risk of infection, you would need a massive one to accomodate the early sweeling too!

    My advice would be go to a very decent piercer and ask their advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightGrind View Post
    Also, most reputable piercers won't allow a ring as your first jewellry, and if they do, they aren't reputable.
    That is not actually strictly true. If they pierce you with a ring, it doesn't make the piercer bad. I know plenty of great piercers who will do nostrils and lips with rings if you wish (a CBR, not a seamless ring, those are bad).

    What makes a piercer bad is if they don't discuss your options and give you the pro and cons. I will say most would prefer to do an initial piercing with a labret strud, but some will do initial piercings with rings as long as they are comfortable that the person getting the piercing knows what they're doing.

    So if you want a hoop, you can get a CBR, but I personally would stick with a stud myself as I'm murder for catching my piercings since I forget they're there!

    However, and this was answered and said in the other thread that got locked, I would just wait until the braces are removed even if it's going to take awhile. The orthodontist is going to have to keep adjusting your braces often and you don't want your piercing getting messed about with. You've got your whole life to get this piercing, so there's no rush!
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    I agree with Roz, my piercer will recommend a bar but if the piercee wants a ring despite the warnings given then they'll do it. I also suggest you wait until your dental work is finished.
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    I had the vertical labret piercing for a couple months, but the piercer didn't do it right, and I had a job at an executive setting, so I took it out. I can wait to get the lip ring though, I just hoped to get it after Christmas

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    I'd definately wait until the braces are out

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    I had many friends with braces & lip piercings ! TBH I think ppl think too much about braces and what they like to do or what they want . I only think they get in the way when eating in life xD but ya go for it!
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    Couldn't they rub against eachother alot?my dentist told me not to when I had them. My piercer said the same. I'd be afraid of the back of the labret snagging on the wire of the braces.

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