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Thread: Angry nose piercing?

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    Default Angry nose piercing?

    So I had my nose pierced around 4 months ago now, and everything had been completely fine - no pain, had changed jewellery several times (I tend to heal well and quickly).

    However, two nights ago I attempted to change it from a ring to a stud, but couldn't find a stud, and had some trouble getting the ring in, as sometimes I can do it and sometimes my hands are too shaky to do it. I eventually got the ring back in, and got a new stud and put that in.

    I went back to cleaning it and was just going to baby it, as it's now very sore, but there is no blood or pus or markings at all. I had a nose bump at one point and it's nothing like that yet.

    Also, the nose stud I've gotten is identical to one I've had before, but it seems a bit loose and I don't want it to fall out whilst I'm sleeping. Will my nose heal around it?

    Will it it calm down, hopefully? Should I go back to SSS until it's calmed down?
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    Is the nose stud exactly the same gauge as the previous jewellery? There might be a slight difference of even 0.2mm. It might be a bit angry due to the trauma of changing jewellery. I would continue with twice daily SSS until it calms down a bit, or just keep clean it in the shower. How is it now?

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    I would to back to the ring until it's calmed down. By then you won't have any trouble changing the piercing.

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