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Please help! I received my first piercing ever 3 days ago, pa. They did it at a 14 gauge which is too small and it keeps sliding inside my urethra. It doesn't hurt except when I slide it back into place /touch the bottom part of my jewelry to slide it back up. I want to stretch it asap when it heals to avoid this. But how can I help it heal and prevent any damage! Very scared newbie to this!!!
You won't be able to stretch it for a while yet, looking like the end of the year or so. Maybe take it out and get it repierced at a larger gauge or go see your piercer and discuss some other jewellery options?

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I'm a newbie and would like to do a PA also, but I have at least one, perhaps dumb, question....If I do the PA, am I going to spray urine all over?

Some find the stream is disrupted, some sit down, some find a way to twist the end a little to focus the stream into the loo, so it may happen a little, it may not.