The body shop products

Does anyone use them? Mainly the facial products? Especially the seaweed and/or the tea tree collection?


Does anyone use a facial serum and/or a facial oil?

If so which would you recommend?

a bit about my skin

When I was younger I washed my face daily, my skin was always very greasy, spotty and I had blackheads, despite trying every possible product on the market

As I got older I stopped washing so much till eventually I wasn't washing it at all, my spots cleared, the grease went less but the blackheads remained and some skin in places was dry

I got some Biore deep pore charcoal cleanser and some Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser and for days when I was too tired/in too much pain to stand at the sink I got some Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes but now the spots and grease are back, my skin is still dry in places and I still have blackheads!!

Does anyone find that nothing works to make their skin good?